BADA55 Crypto

This site contains several scripts to generate/verify standards, specifically elliptic-curve standards. These scripts are designed to be released publicly: each script includes comments highlighting a few of the choices made in the script as standard, secure, obvious things to do.

To run these scripts you need three tools:

Beware that Sage is a very large unsigned package with frequent updates. To help protect your machine, you are encouraged to use a virtual machine to install and run Sage. Inside that virtual machine, as root, run the following commands to install Python development tools, create a "sage" account, download Sage, and compile Sage, along with the full "seadata" database:

     aptitude install python-dev -y # for Ubuntu; similar for other Linux systems
     adduser --disabled-password --gecos 'Sage' sage
     su - sage
     openssl sha256 seadata.tgz
     # c9282a525ea3f92c1f9c6c69e37ac5a87b48fb9ccd943cfd7c881a3851195833
     openssl sha256 sage-6.8.tar.gz
     # 49ca2885cce1ed1ea5e84f4954cee3f0e9d403289bbd5f6c0faf0411ffcf5580
     ln -s sage-6.8/sage
     time tar -xf sage-6.8.tar.gz
     cd sage-6.8
     time MAKE="make -j7" make
     tar -xf seadata.tgz
     cp data/seadata/* sage-6.8/local/share/pari/seadata/
     echo print 2+2 | ./sage

Also run the following commands, as any user inside the virtual machine, to download and compile SimpleSHA3:

     mkdir simplesha3
     cd simplesha3
     openssl sha256 <
     # 62939d9373b3d02f1d98a6a9e05e73827228360431a206a324dab6a388edbcd6
     openssl sha256 < simplesha3.c
     # 4e7035f667d9c663a33322ee4b3f18e11bd87c38c13c66ac3d378ba20200ee62

     python build

Finally, as the same user, download and run the verification scripts:

     mkdir bada55
     cd bada55
     cp $HOME/simplesha3/build/lib*/ .
     for i in vr224.sage vr256.sage vr384.sage \
       brain224slow.sage brain224.sage brainpool.sage \
       brain224fixedslow.sage brain224fixed.sage brainpoolfixed.sage \
       vpr1slow.sage vpr1.sage vpr2slow.sage vpr2.sage
       openssl sha256 < $i
     # 17069d82719f15fdc7c50b5a01e231d06e45a15acad902335a983df656c4a0dc
     # c0d476c440675cba00a576b892eb24e7d574bb0fe23a9e2b25a81c02c22cdbf5
     # 345d17677c00f408638229f257cf03855344775c0aa351717090272e1ece3e9e
     # 7cddb931b0cf45fdda0933b46fbfbb476f5a29cbec3d812c986e1175cb9cbc8e
     # aaaa7eb12e9749b9f5832b3813120cb15deb4e55e86ba389f35fffc8af8b77bf
     # 2dfdd1050235e15c71a3203f434062a848ffc1c6e0187c08957c7f5289b32bb5
     # f2968bc205d144cd09ccac6d99a2aa34752e03612975aeda4187541d3a18b19b
     # 89cb8909059d33f55955d359d4bc9a62fbd1122ba68f69bbc55f1503c04107fd
     # 8da0745723dcccdae7a6451f904f87d9567997bdd7a1063d3d6ecc5ddf36e79c
     # 520e62202ccf981d098e62a779d37171775e92f3ce5d8f27ebbf00c075ad75cd
     # a9cb15eee2297fc81c59297aa33b696edd604e314f544c004019a94db5e4603e
     # 969bee92ff94fb236d04fc97542e63663d40d3a9b4f8b8c28e2a0eefca4e73d5
     # f82c9de4f32654d4e343e93ce9c0ecf69bcc42d9befb5c88812b699f58a8f505

     for i in vr224 vr256 vr384 \
       brain224slow brain224 brainpool \
       brain224fixedslow brain224fixed brainpoolfixed \
       vpr1slow vpr1 vpr2slow vpr2
       /home/sage/sage $i.sage > $i.out

The scripts take under a day on one core of a fast machine, and only a few hours if you leave out the "slow" scripts.

Version: This is version 2017.01.22 of the "Scripts" web page.