BADA55 Crypto


[bada55] 44pp. (PDF) Daniel J. Bernstein, Tung Chou, Chitchanok Chuengsatiansup, Andreas Hülsing, Eran Lambooij, Tanja Lange, Ruben Niederhagen, Christine van Vredendaal. How to manipulate curve standards: a white paper for the black hat. Document ID: bada55ecd325c5bfeaf442a8fd008c54. URL: Date: 2015.09.27.

Supersedes: (old PDF) 2015.09.25, shortened version for SSR 2015 proceedings.

Supersedes: (old PDF) 2014.07.22.

Slides with BADA55 portions

2015.05.08, Security in Times of Surveillance. "How to manipulate standards" (Verizon edition), presented by Bernstein: (video and slides)

2014.10.08, ECC 2014 rump session. "BADA55, Curve41417, Kummer", presented by Bernstein: (PDF)

2014.09.30, Privacy and Security in an Age of Surveillance, Schloss Dagstuhl. "How to manipulate standards" (Hong Kong edition), presented by Bernstein: (vertical PDF) (horizontal PDF)

2014.05.13, Eurocrypt 2014 rump session. "Verifiably random secure curves" (spectral edition), presented by Bernstein and Lange: (PDF)

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